Singapore has stringent immigration rules and it can very hard to navigate.

At C21 Relocation, we have Immigration Specialists who will be there to assist you in terms of your eligibility and paperwork, thus saving time for you to focus on other matters.



We will provide transportation to pick you up and assist with moving your luggage to your destination. Besides that , we also provide temporary accommodation such as apartment or hotel stay during your time here .



C21 Relocation Moving team experts will help to coordinate packing , delivery and key dates of your move. You will be advised on the custom requirements , paperwork , transit time and date. You can rest assured while we do the moving.

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This program is intended to provide relevant , local area knowledge to the transferees through a 3-5 days accompanied program

Transferees can expect themselves to be informed about our local’s tourist attractions,  transportation system , shopping malls , different international schools* , medical facilities , religion services and other types of services**.

*Accompanied school visits for transferees who brought along their children .

**mail/postal , library , dry cleaning , banking , automotive etc



Before transferees arrive in Singapore , we will have already conducted a needs-analysis to understand the housing expectations and needs. We will accompany the transferees to view the houses.  

Once the property has been selected , we will coordinate the lease process for you . 

Secondly , we also help to coordinate initial payments such as security deposit , rent , real estate agency fees and lease registration fees etc

Thirdly , we help to coordinate any pre-move-in refurbishments or repairs.

Fourthly , we conduct move-in inspection with the transferee(s) to document a property condition report.​

Lastly , we advise and assist with the (their settling-in)connection of host housing utilities ( Water , electricity , gas etc) and purchase renter’s insurance coverage on Furniture etc.



This accompanied program is intended to assist with identifying , assessing and selecting school options .

We will provide a written itinerary outlining the program :

  • Conduct analysis of schooling needs , expectations and budget requirements 

  • Review and explain education options in Singapore .

  • Advise on availability of school openings and enrollment process

  • Arrange for school appointments , visits and interviews 

  • Assist with school application , registration fees and enrollment process for each school 

  • Provide alternative suggestions to parents if they are on waitlist



This program is intended to assist the transferee and accompanying dependents to become familiarised and settled down peacefully in Singapore. 

We provide a list of following services in this program :

  • A Welcome Package Information 

  • A Neighbourhood Area Tour around the estate he/she is staying

  • Leisure activities guide 

  • Advise & assist with the connection of host housing utilities ( Water , Electricity , Gas etc).

  • Advise & assist with local and government compliance and registrations

  • Assist with openings bank account and advise on local banking practices 

  • Assist with furniture rental and appliance purchase/rental/installation

  • Assist with automobile purchase/lease/rental 

  • Advise & assist with addressing insurance needs 

  • Introducing to Nationality-specific groups as well as networking groups for transferee(s) to expand their social circle 



To allow our clients to understand the Singapore's culture . This is aimed to give an in-depth training to them so that they can integrate more easily with the locals.




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To provide transferees the assistance with any property-related issues which may arise during their tenancy here in Singapore.
We will mitigate the risk and stress experienced by our clients by making sure their property is effectively managed in line with legal tenancy obligations.

We will provide property management services for a transferee’s owned property by doing :


  1. Rental Marketing 

  2. Coordinate Lease Process 

  3. Maintenance and Repairs 

  4. Property Inspection 

  5. Coordinate Repatriation 

  6. Finance Management 



This program is intended to assist the transferee and their accompanying dependents with completing all necessary activities with the ending of an assignment .


Firstly , we will advise and assist with the termination of Housing Lease Termination. 


Secondly , we will coordinate and assist with the following but not limited to :

  • Closing utility accounts 

  • Disconnection of telephones

  • Facilitation of final payments to accounts

  • Deregistration of any local government 

  • Recovery of School deposits

  • Terminating bank accounts

  • Terminating any local licenses

  • Terminating of club and association memberships

  • Terminating of appliances and furniture leases / disposal / sale

  • Redirecting mail back to your destination 



We are able to assist you in finding temporary yet comfortable housing options before you decide to settle for a longer time here in Singapore.